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Construction Management
Whatever the project is, our goal is to provide the client an excellent product with gratification. We do this with careful attention to details to bring the project to reality. During this process, we strive to for efficiency in all phases of the design and construction process; bringing the project within schedule and budget.

Whenever possible, we also like to apply “Building Science” construction practices and “Green Building.” This effort promotes the design and construction of buildings; making them more durable while obtaining healthier indoor air quality with significant efficiencies.

We enjoy our work and enjoy passing along knowledge to build a better product. We strive to include all parties in the construction process to make is a fun and pleasant experience.

Building Performance Retrofits
Pinnelli Builders provides retrofit services to improve building performance.

Building performance is a comprehensive whole-house approach to identify and fix comfort and energy problems in a built environment. This provides the owner with better comfort, better indoor air quality, and a home which uses less energy.

Improving a home’s performance is accomplished by using “Building Science” practices. Building Science ( is based on applying scientific knowledge to address:

Efficient Energy Use
Indoor Moisture Sources and Solutions
Indoor Air Quality
Thermal Comfort
Health and Safety

Our building performance retrofits are concentrated, but not limited to, the following areas of the house:

HVAC Systems
Building Envelopes