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The Process

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Design and Cost Estimating
No matter if it’s small or a larger project, the construction process begins with the client’s vision and/or architectural design plans. In either case, Pinnelli Builders (PBI) can assist with the development of the design process.

Smaller projects, such as small remodels and retrofits, usually begin with the vision, thoughts, and/or needs of a client. These projects typically do not require plans from an architect and usually do not require a permit. PBI can assist with bringing the vision or needs together by providing basic sketches, scope of work, and estimated project cost. We will work with the client to bring the scope of work within the budget of the client.

For larger projects requiring architectural plans, PBI will work with the designer to provide the client plans for their home. This involves on going meetings and feedback between the builder, client, and designer. During this design process, PBI can provide building cost feedback during the design phase so costs may be considered during the design and material specifications.

This process will assist the designer and client to make sure that the expected costs of the final plan is not beyond the client’s budget range.

Besides working on the costs during the design phase, PBI can also work with designer with recommendations for applying “Building Science” or “Green” energy efficient designs to the building.

Cost Plus vs. Bid Pricing
Pinnelli Builders (PBI) typically charges a percentage of the building cost for profit. This is known as Cost Plus (or Cost Reimbursement Contract). This way, the client can observe the actual costs for each category of a job without worrying about hidden fees and charges. The actual costs of a project are what they are. To insure this, PBI operates on an open book policy so that the client can view actual charges and invoices to insure that there are no mark ups.

Other advantages, in contrast to a fixed-priced or bid contract, is the contractor has little incentive to cut corners and in some cases, the final cost of a project may be less than a fixed bid price contract because a contractor does not need to inflate the costs to cover their risks.

Changes from the plans during the construction process are also done on a cost plus basis. This allows the client comfort that change orders will be treated the same matter as the normal building process without the worry of expensive change order fees.

Construction Begins
Once the plans and budget of the project are completed, it is time to start the construction process. All projects will be supervised by a project manager. In turn, the project manager

communicates and/or coordinates between the client, designer, subcontractors, and material vendors. Each party is responsible for a certain phase or phases of the building process.

During the construction process, all invoices submitted by subcontractors and vendors will be reviewed and coded before payment. If the invoices are approved, Pinnelli Builders (PBI) will pay all subcontractors and vendors on a weekly basis.

The client is typically billed by PBI once a month on average for the work in progress. Included with the invoice or draw package are updated job reports depicting the current costs for all categories of a project.

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